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Today's mankind has some needs which are sometimes caused by today's modern life . It has new dimensions that have been along with him since long time ago and have changed in every historical and social era. 
Regarding this point , what becomes common between us all around the world in today's life , are apprehensions such as war, love, hatred immigration , finding , loosing and ... Me and my group fallow these ideas and try to find some common human origins among all these apprehensions . This is the internal part of the storey . In order to approach an expressive form of these apprehensions we always experience along with the technique and some times mixing cultures and traditions together. Because we believe that these cultures have many things in common and that creating these forms and structures behind these apprehensions can help us get into a new and different language. 
Today's (modern) audience is greedy for experiencing and seeing, so it would be much the theater group to have the ability of approaching these experiences and knowledge among the researches and investigations.


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